ESL Challenger is an unique esports product to reach the digital generation online.


Challenge Them!

Are you ready to challenge esports athletes? They are waiting to embrace your brand and take it to the next level! ESL Challenger is the way to connect brands, players and fans! Do you accpet the challenge?

Online Reach

Reach esports enthousiast directly trough the thing they really love, esports!

Smart Integration

Integrate your brand within the Challenger Portal and add advertisements.

Overall Coverage

Optional a full livestreaming production can be added to all ESL Challenger events.

First steps in Esports

Players and brands find each other and take their first steps into esports.

Social Media

All Challenger tournaments will be promoted on our own social media channels.

Experience Upgrade

It's easy to upgrade ESL Challenger actions to offline events or full productions.

Learn more about ESL Challenger and other products

We are more than happy to provide more details and options to enter esports, feel free to reach out to us.